The First Post

There was no doubt about the first post for this blog. It had to be The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, by Paul Delaroche. This painting got me interested in the arts in the true sense of the word. This was the first painting ever that evoked an emotional response, which led a curiosity about the nature of this painting and then, art itself.

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, Paul Delaroche, 1833. Source: Wikipedia Commons

I am still the same as I was on that Saturday afternoon, when I made my way to the national gallery in London, however, what I have always believed about art became true that day. Art has a very personal meaning and good art is that which touches your soul. To be able to travel to 1553, the painting becomes a portal of sorts. Since then, I have been able to brave an entry into museums more often than I would have. Willingly. This painting opened a world of experience to me. I read a lot about the British history, especially Lady Jane Grey. I saw many other paintings, and found many, from different times, that made meaning. At the same time, I found many that didn’t.

I discovered that a painting or a photograph or music or a book doesn’t do anything to you, as such. It doesn’t do much to change the world, acting as an external force. It only provides an option: to you, to allow it to relate to you, if you will. If the connection doesn’t exist, you will feel nothing about that piece of art. You will only see the colour, brush strokes, and the artist’s intention, if at all.

If the connection exist, it gently evokes a feeling that you need to experience to find a little bit more about yourself.


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