Article: Visual Culture with Google Maps


A beautiful article on the experience of visual culture due to Goggle Maps’ Street view. Marco Bohr’s blog is a favourite – and when you read this, you will know why!

With the emergence of digital photography, the internet and vast photographic archives such as Google Street View, the notion of a photographer capturing a moment is quickly fading away. In other words, instead of a photographer capturing something unfolding in front of the camera, images can be found and selected retrospectively, long after the moment occurred, by trawling Google’s vast image archive. The ‘decisive moment’ is not captured by the photographer, but rather, it is captured by a machine, while it requires a human intervention to recognize such a moment within the image database. It would be wrong to assume that this marks the death of the street photography genre. Instead, it is perhaps more fruitful to recognize that this is the natural progression of street photography.

(Via The Nine Eyes of Google Street View at Visual Culture Blog by @MarcoBohr)



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