Masters of Indian Art | V.S.Gaitonde

V.S. Gaitonde, New Delhi, circa 1965 – Estate of Richard Bartholomew ©Photoink

Gaitonde’s works are known for evoking subliminal depths. Plain, large surfaces with paint layered subtly characterize his work. His paintings have a quality of light that seems to be complete in itself. Gaitonde experimented with shapes and form in his paintings. He depicted the real world through ethereal and complex paintings in his own abstract way. He believed in meticulous planning for his artworks. His artworks are always thorough and full of detail. This is one of the reasons why he has not been so prolific like his contemporaries. V.S.Gaitonde also used amazing mixture of ancient calligraphy and Zen philosophy in his paintings. He had mastered control and fine nuances depicted in his beautiful works. He also experimented with symbolic elements and few ground lines which made his works appear like an uninterrupted show.

(Via V.S.Gaitonde – Masters of Indian Art.)

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3 thoughts on “Masters of Indian Art | V.S.Gaitonde

  1. Hi,
    I’m writing to you from IQ magazine. We would like to reproduce V.S. Gaitonde’s image used here for one of our stories. Due credit will be given to the photographer.

    Thanks and regards.

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