Art, Obscenity, Philosophy, Poetry and freedom of expression. | Sandeep Bhalla’s Blog

I read this on Sandeep Bhalla’s Blog.

“The Nude in contemporary art, a perennial art subject, considered to be the greatest challenges in art has still not lost its charm and focuses on how the human form has been re-interpreted by the emerging and influential artists today. The paintbrush has become a powerful tool of expression as the pen is for some, and has thus occasionally come under the line of fire for having crossed the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ and for plunging into the forbidden, which is called ‘obscene’, ‘vulgar’, ‘depraving’, ‘prurient’ and ‘immoral’. No doubt this form of art is a reflection of a very alluring concept of beauty and there is certainly something more to it than pearly ‘flesh’  but what needs to be determined is which art falls under the latter category. (extracted from a judgement of Delhi High Court speaking through SK Kaul, J.)”

(Via Art, Obscenity, Philosophy, Poetry and freedom of expression. | Sandeep Bhalla’s Blog.)

By itself, the subject as well as the content of the art, doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the purpose of the content in the artwork. It seems to me that controversy is the mainstay of contemporary art. And controversy, by virtue of its character invoke publicity, which is, to me, a very base way of describing your art.

Belief systems are built over a period of time. As an artist, these systems have to flood-light your work. At once, your departure from your belief system may be construed as contrived. Something ails the Indian art ethos; if we are able to negate commerce from it, we may be able to identify what it is.

Till then, controversy will reign.


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