Of Artisans & Art

Films division has an interesting documentary (I say interesting, not wonderful) titled Gandhi, Nehru and Modern Art. For all good reasons, it is a showcase of the development of modern art in India; little to showcase Gandhian or Nehruvian influence.

There is a talk of the closing of lines between the artisan and the art and the proposed indigenousness of art and Indian symbolism. Given the colourful and highly influenced history of the land, it begets the question – what is indigenous to India?

Nevertheless, this documentary makes an interesting watch [21 minutes, and bad audio – be careful if you are wearing headphones]



One thought on “Of Artisans & Art

  1. Thanks for sharing this Atul. As a student at the Tata Institute, I have always felt that slight sense of misplacement brought about by the Nehruvian paradigm of an Indian Identity. This film helped me put my finger on that subtle discomfort. The more I explore my creative process and battle with the notion of originality, the more I realize that authentic universality stems from a complete understanding of ones own roots. To reach out is actually to reach in with the faith that within us lies the universe we seek. The Gandhian view of searching for an indigenous artistic identity in the folk tradition of India was a step towards the roots but I am not sure how free this movement was from the fetters of regionalism.

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