Tasveer Journal | The Cinemas Project

Watching the audience watch art is an art of a different nature. The audience is changing with the changing formats that display art. And this is not limited to cinema alone. Art galleries, stages, frames, are new. They affect the audience not just in how they experience, but also in what they experience. In recent times, multiplexes have become common in their ubiquity; serving as a … Continue reading Tasveer Journal | The Cinemas Project

Architecture | Symbolism of Islamic Gardens

I’ve never thought very deeply or paid any special attention to the significance of Mughal or Islamic Gardens. My niece got interested in it and asked me a few questions about them, which led me to study these in some detail, and amongst other articles, I found this one. “The garden in Islam also serves as a reminder of both the immanence and the transcendence of … Continue reading Architecture | Symbolism of Islamic Gardens

The R.A.P.E. Show | Expressing their insecurities

A few days ago, we had posted an invitation to the R.A.P.E. Show. The Hindu, today carried an article about this show. “‘The exhibition seeks to bring in a variety of visual responses to the atrocious notion of seeing women as secondary citizens. Why should women be objectified? Despite all the feminist interventions, women are still subjected to discrimination in the public and private domains. … Continue reading The R.A.P.E. Show | Expressing their insecurities

Spirituality in Art

This post is a bit difficult to write; rather, difficult to start. I’ll make it simple for myself. A very good friend shared a documentary on Pt. Kumar Gandharva, Kabir and the concept of Nirgun (without form, quality or attribute) Bhajan. View the documentary at Culture Unplugged (90 minutes). It may help to visit the respective Wikipedia pages, if you are not aware of Pt. Kumar Gandharva and … Continue reading Spirituality in Art

Death of the Author, Finally?

  Roland Barthes‘ “The Death of the Author” comes to mind. Often, having written against the tight embodiment of the artist in the art work, this experiment came as an interesting surprise. And at such a large-scale too! On being asked about the same, Johny said, “Yes, it is a conscious decision as there was a lot of demand to do this fair in a … Continue reading Death of the Author, Finally?

Link: Art History Resources

Where would you go to for a one-stop collection for art history resources? We think we know. A hyper-site of links to art resources, classified by periods, regions as well as a few research-related resources, we think this is one of the better places to start a journey when exploring anything that has to do with art. Art History Resources on the Web. Continue reading Link: Art History Resources

Link: Web Gallery of Art

The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism periods (1000-1850), currently containing over 29.000 reproductions. Picture commentaries, artist biographies are available. Guided tours, period music, catalogue, free postcard and other services are provided. (Via Web Gallery of Art) Continue reading Link: Web Gallery of Art