Of Artisans & Art

Films division has an interesting documentary (I say interesting, not wonderful) titled Gandhi, Nehru and Modern Art. For all good reasons, it is a showcase of the development of modern art in India; little to showcase Gandhian or Nehruvian influence. There is a talk of the closing of lines between the artisan and the art and the proposed indigenousness of art and Indian symbolism. Given the … Continue reading Of Artisans & Art

Masters of Indian Art | V.S.Gaitonde

Gaitonde’s works are known for evoking subliminal depths. Plain, large surfaces with paint layered subtly characterize his work. His paintings have a quality of light that seems to be complete in itself. Gaitonde experimented with shapes and form in his paintings. He depicted the real world through ethereal and complex paintings in his own abstract way. He believed in meticulous planning for his artworks. His … Continue reading Masters of Indian Art | V.S.Gaitonde

Event: United Art Fair 2012

The United Art Fair (UAF) is a unique take on an art shows in India. Here’s what the Johny ML, project director, has to say about it: “We travelled all over India and found that the young artists needed patronage. UAF is all about collapsing the monopolies developed in the art scene during the boom years. We are taking artists to the patrons directly. The fair is … Continue reading Event: United Art Fair 2012

The Purposive Ethos of an Artist

The purposive ethos of an artist, I shall call it. It’s about the physical, cultural, and psychological constructs that surrounds and defines an artist. This ethos is not a descriptor of every artist — but the one that wants to be known as an artist, a stereotype wannabe, if you will. There is the physical setting of ‘being’ an artist. In India, it would mean … Continue reading The Purposive Ethos of an Artist