Death of the Author, Finally?

  Roland Barthes‘ “The Death of the Author” comes to mind. Often, having written against the tight embodiment of the artist in the art work, this experiment came as an interesting surprise. And at such a large-scale too! On being asked about the same, Johny said, “Yes, it is a conscious decision as there was a lot of demand to do this fair in a … Continue reading Death of the Author, Finally?

Event: United Art Fair 2012

The United Art Fair (UAF) is a unique take on an art shows in India. Here’s what the Johny ML, project director, has to say about it: “We travelled all over India and found that the young artists needed patronage. UAF is all about collapsing the monopolies developed in the art scene during the boom years. We are taking artists to the patrons directly. The fair is … Continue reading Event: United Art Fair 2012