Article: Visual Culture with Google Maps

  A beautiful article on the experience of visual culture due to Goggle Maps’ Street view. Marco Bohr’s blog is a favourite – and when you read this, you will know why! With the emergence of digital photography, the internet and vast photographic archives such as Google Street View, the notion of a photographer capturing a moment is quickly fading away. In other words, instead … Continue reading Article: Visual Culture with Google Maps

Visual Cuture; Richard Howells

I don’t remember the last time, a “text-book” was this interesting. I just finished reading Visual Culture and it more than made for interesting reading. It is a thickish book – and I’ll admit – it seemed daunting when I picked it up. There is however an ease to the presentation that Howells achieves which slips you in comfortably into the intricacies and complexities of … Continue reading Visual Cuture; Richard Howells